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About us?

We are a brand of Croinfi Cía. Ltda. Since 2007 we have been working on the innovation and development of food products that promote the cultivation and consumption of local raw materials, generating employment and development for all our collaborators.

Our passion is to create ingeniously delicious food products based on export quality raw materials, to enhance the flavor of your meals in your culinary experiences.


Guisart we make it easy to prepare delicious and innovative food in a simple way. Through ingenious and quality products, creating experiences in all your moments of consumption, giving you the guidance to create them.

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our essence


How many companies say: “We make innovative products”? But we don’t tell you, we let our experience prove it to you by itself. You must live the Guisart experience to really feel what the difference is!

We create, merge and develop truly original products, not only in Ecuador, but throughout the world, we were the first to give value to the Andean Chili Pepper, we transferred capsaicin to pineapple and created the Pineapple Chili, we developed a Passion Fruit Sauce for Meats that replaces the BBQ and we made a pineapple and flaxseed dressing that refreshes the flavor of your salads in a healthy way.

This is where our concept and slogan is born: “Ingeniously Delicious” because it is not just about offering a different product, it is about living an unforgettable experience.

SAFETY and harmlessness

Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices (BPM) in 7 production lines.

Our team